Walking – collecting – creating – playing

Recovered Autosave

Walked many beaches, collected only round/oval & flat Granite, tried to get all different sizes, but very small ones where rare.

… enjoyed being on the sea, feeling the salt and the wind.

Created Pyramides, Pendants and who knows what else will come up…

Nature’s Art is simple – it doesn’t need anything added.
The beauty is in the rock as Nature created it.
Thank you beautiful coast and sea and Mother Earth.
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5 Comments on “Walking – collecting – creating – playing”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Neat how you stacked the granite up. What beach did you go to?

    • many many beaches between Tourquay and Apollo Bay.
      interestingly the beaches change the kind of stones they have in time. So I go back and it might be nothing suitable there. But I am fussy – and love to walk and search…

  2. Sharon Says:

    You have made the best pyramid grouping that I’ve ever seen. It must have taken a while!

    The necklaces are wonderful!

  3. ARTISANNE Says:

    Wonderful stuff! Your jewellery is superb :0)

    • Thank you.
      You work with seaglass – love the idea with the suncatcher and pendant as one item. Very simple and nicely done.
      I am holding back with seaglass as it gets endless with ideas and work. so I decided to work only with stone, timber, freathers, and metal. but now and again a piece of sea glass just wants to come home.
      usually it gets shaped in a heart.
      keep up your lovely work

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