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Harts Range: where the Kyanite was born…

October 13, 2010

second part of our walkabout

Soft hills, rusty red country, trees, birds – Outback pure.
Howling Dingoes at night.
Waking up to birdsong.
Bush camping without meeting any people.
Cooking on the camp fire.
stars so many stars at night.

The offering of Mother Earth is Kyanite

We don’t dig for stones, the ones on the surface are ready to heal and support.
Kyanite lies on the surface –  like an offering from Mother Earth.
Many walks to find the little pockets of Kyanite on the hill sides.

…. back at home – washing the stone, sorting,

some stones I can use the way they are
other ones need shaping and polishing.
In time they tell me what they want to be
and find the person they are meant to support on their journey.


Calming. Stimulates communication.
Dispels energy blockages.
One of the very best attunement stones.
Never needs cleaning of clearing.

Thank you beautiful planet for your generous gift.