Where is this woman? Where can I find her work?

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I moved to the ocean …. Anglesea is my home now.

I am not doing any markets or festivals anymore.


You might wonder

“where can I find her work?

Come to my etsy shop  http://www.naturesartmelbourne.etsy.com 

Happy places who sell my work are:


77A Monbulk Rd, Kallista, Vic

Protea mandalas, feather Quills, feather earrings, smudging feathers, feather jewelry, baskets,…

Spell Box

Shop 17, Royal Arcade

331-339 Bourke St. Mall, Melbourne

Feathers, feathers earrings, smudging feathers, quills


-Wishing you much love & light and the healing of the tears.


We all need spare wings now and again in life…

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Wings to support

Wings to fly high

Wings to soar


I came across these wings & feathers walking the land.

Amazing little tools to make insects, butterflies, bird,… fly.

Collected, laminated and sawn onto a blank card

8 Spare wind cards as limited edition

will come with me to Rainbow Serpent Festival 2011.


FLY HIGH, support, love, admire –

flap your wings and smile.



Harts Range: where the Kyanite was born…

Posted October 13, 2010 by naturesartmelbourne
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second part of our walkabout

Soft hills, rusty red country, trees, birds – Outback pure.
Howling Dingoes at night.
Waking up to birdsong.
Bush camping without meeting any people.
Cooking on the camp fire.
stars so many stars at night.

The offering of Mother Earth is Kyanite

We don’t dig for stones, the ones on the surface are ready to heal and support.
Kyanite lies on the surface –  like an offering from Mother Earth.
Many walks to find the little pockets of Kyanite on the hill sides.

…. back at home – washing the stone, sorting,

some stones I can use the way they are
other ones need shaping and polishing.
In time they tell me what they want to be
and find the person they are meant to support on their journey.


Calming. Stimulates communication.
Dispels energy blockages.
One of the very best attunement stones.
Never needs cleaning of clearing.

Thank you beautiful planet for your generous gift.

4 weeks walking the red earth

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I walked the Simpson Desert with a group of people & camels.

As there was so much rain this season the desert was covered in flowers.


We need so very little to be happy!

Mother Nature has it all. We just have to connect to her.

4 weeks – no phone, internet, fridge, car, shower, TV,…

It made me feel very rich, very fortunate

being under the stars & the moon, listening to bird song, feeling wind & freezing nights, campfire cooking, a carpet of flowers, red dunes, walking, feeling the land, being.

Honoring &  being gentle to the land – what Mother Earth needs most of us.

Thank you Mother Earth for your unconditional love & perseverance!

We need so little – if we would just realize it more often.

if you like to see photos



more about the next 6 weeks of my walkabout soon…

Where you can find me …

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Gone walkabout for 3 month…

the first 4 weeks I will walk beside a camel through the Simpson Desert re-connecting to my soul country.

My partner will join up with me in Alice Springs and we will follow where this journey and life leads us to.

It will be a time of

Slowing down
connecting to Mother Earth
campfires at night
listening to frogs
sitting still
beautiful sunsets
wiggling toes in red sand
watching the stars
walking river beds
collecting rocks
singing the land
loving life
loving the land.

and I tell you a secret: time expands when you slow down….

See you in October 🙂

Heart Perspective

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I went for a walk the other day and found this heart leaf with a heart hole.

Started to play with the camera…

Shooting photos through the heart hole…

Here is part of my Heart Perspective for you to enjoy!

Now as accordion fold book at


Snails can read in the dark!

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snail talk

Me at a market…

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Open Day and Fair at Sophia MundiDSCN5204DSCN5202DSCN5201 Steiner School.


This is how I display my work…























Timber and Nature’s Art


You are allowed to touch… 🙂

Walking – collecting – creating – playing

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Recovered Autosave

Walked many beaches, collected only round/oval & flat Granite, tried to get all different sizes, but very small ones where rare.

… enjoyed being on the sea, feeling the salt and the wind.

Created Pyramides, Pendants and who knows what else will come up…

Nature’s Art is simple – it doesn’t need anything added.
The beauty is in the rock as Nature created it.
Thank you beautiful coast and sea and Mother Earth.

How I found it & how you find it…

Posted October 15, 2009 by naturesartmelbourne
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Customers asked me sometimes
“Did you find this root like that?”
Have a closer look and get the answer.
I forgot to take photos from the steps of the setting work
(custom made rivet).   Next time more…